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Small Business Case Study:


We work with small businesses to improve their web presence and increase their business. At McConoughey Consulting we can work with your organization through website development and online store development to provide with low-cost, simple tools that can increase your brand and business.

Below we detail how we have worked with Kate and Company in Ohio to develop a website and increase its social media and online presence.

Needs of Kate and Company in Ohio

Katie Corrigan began Kate and Company as a hobby, but support of her high-quality products quickly grew through sales on Etsy and other online shops. Seeing the need to develop her own brand and central location for all of her interests, she asked for our help to develop a website and online store.

Due to the type of store she was looking to open, we elected to use Squarespace as a platform for her website and e-commerce.

Logo-Full Circle.png
Website Development and Management

Within the span of 2 weeks, we developed a website, online store, and launched the entire site.

This online presence has provided a central location to drive customers and those interested in her work. Since the launch of her store, she has seen a steady increase in web traffic which in turn has resulted in increased sales.

We continued to manage the website and expand the store as Katie learns how to use the platform. At that point, we will turn the management over to her and her company.

KC website.png
Online Store

Using the tools we developed in the WordPress website, we were able to track where in Ohio teachers were responding to the program and its messaging, and, more importantly, where they were not. This was done using a heat map to track zip codes of schools that were participating in the program (see right).

In addition, we were able to track overall website usage (see below) and specific pages that visitors were viewing. This was used to measure the success of email campaigns and to monitor the layout of the website and how it could be improved to drive visitors to the correct pages to be more engaged in the program.

KC store.png
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