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Non-Profit Case Study

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We work with non-profit organizations on multiple levels. From website design and management, to program data collection and analysis, our ultimate goal is to grow your programs, enhance efficiencies, and improve funding opportunities.  

The case study below highlights how we have worked with The Ohio Academy of Science to improve its Believe in Ohio Program.

Believe in Ohio Overview

Believe in Ohio is a high school STEM-entrepreneurship program, developed by The Ohio Academy of Science and Entrepreneurial Engagement Ohio, that asks students to apply the STEM principles they have learned by developing a STEM Commercialization or Business Plan. Teachers are provided numerous resources and support grants to conduct the program in their science and business classrooms.

In the 2020-2021 school year, the program was offering 2 forms of scholarships for students participating: 1) a scholarship for every congressional district in the state, 2) scholarships for the top projects in the entire state.

The Ohio Academy of Science and Entrepreneurial Engagement Ohio were in need of technical support for the program's website development and management, as well as improved technology to collect information for teachers who were interested in the program. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the program was adapted to be taught in-person and remotely through the Google Classroom platform.

Website Design and Management

Working with The Ohio Academy of Science (OAS), we developed a website that collects information from teachers, parents, and students interested in the program. Not only did this improve the efficiency of the program, but it also improved the reporting for OAS to share with its funder.


The website was built on a WordPress platform to allow for enhanced functionality through the robust offering of plugins available for WordPress websites.  Custom html coding was also utilized when necessary.

BiO website.png
Website Data Collection and Analysis

Using the tools we implemented in the WordPress website, we were able to increase the data collection and improve the analytics to capture the geographic reach OAS was achieving and areas where improvements needed to be made. We utilized Microsoft Power BI to analyze the data collected from the website to generate a heat map to track zip codes of schools that were participating in the program (see right).

In addition, we were able to track overall website usage (see below) and specific pages that visitors were viewing. This analysis was used to measure the success of email campaigns, to monitor and evaluate the layout of the website, and to identify opportunities for improvement to grow engagement. 

BiO Web data.png
Google Classroom Development

We developed and implemented a Google Classroom to leverage remote learning during the uncertain time of virtual learning in 2020 (see right).

The Google Classroom will open the Believe in Ohio Program to thousands of teachers across the state of Ohio, virtually.

Google Classroom.png

Call us today to learn how we can improve your organization's data collection and organizational efficiency through the implementation of new technology.

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